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Designs By Sundown

Landscaping Services in your city

3.2/57 Reviews

Designs By Sundown is a landscaping company which is located at 6875 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120, United States. If you are looking for any services related to landscaping, you can contact us on anytime on the opening hours.


7 Reviews for Designs By Sundown

Chris Arbogast Said…

Our community is noted for our landscaping and I believe it factors into our home values and the strength of the real estate market in our small development. It has been performed by DBS for several years. As president of our HOA, I want to note our appreciation for their work and their strong communication.

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Jane Warren Said…

Although a Landscaping Company. I was there for a wedding,.
The gardens and setting were magnificent.
Waterfeatures, flowers, lawns. The planning of the flagstones, outdoor kitchen, …More

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Kristin Kerney Said…

One of your trucks almost cause me two accidents today on I 25. The driver was completely reckless, cutting people off, weaving in his lane, and then slamming on his breaks in the left lane as if he was not paying attention. This doesn’t look good when you have branded vehicles.

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Louise Fire Said…

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness
A good samaritan from this company watched my bike bag come off of my bike while I was biking to work. He stopped and picked it up and then took time out of his day to track me down and give it back to me. this company looks out for the little guy! Thank goodness you were there.

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Andrea Carlile Said…

Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Pretty nice place and view in one direction but not if you want constant freight trains, lawn mowers, and views of a busy suburban neighborhood and bar all night.

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A E Said…

On hwy 85, sandwiched between a brewery and blue collar neighborhood. An unpleasant location for a wedding and wedding photos. However, the landscaping is pretty.

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Marlon Hewitt Said…

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
This team did a wonderful job on our home. They are not a low price point provider, but the quality of their work and general professionalism from every team member we interacted with exceed anything I’ve had done at our home from other partners. I highly recommend this company.

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