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Lowe’s Home Improvement

Landscaping Services in your city

3.3/57 Reviews

Lowe’s Home Improvement is a landscaping company which is located at Not Found. If you are looking for any services related to landscaping, you can contact us on anytime on the opening hours.


7 Reviews for Lowe’s Home Improvement

Glora Kelly Said…

My husband is a veteran. We have been trying for well over a year to participate in the discount they advertise for veterans. I have made many phone calls, spoken to managers and their cooperate office. We are still unsuccessful. They say he is approved and in the system but the discount is never applied

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Renee Reed-Curl Said…

The employees were very helpful. They mixed my paint and helped me carry it to my car. The young man also put the heavy 5 gallon paint cans in my SUV.

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Lori Dodson Said…

Kendra in the paint department was very helpful. My stain she mixed was perfect.

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BolidedInspirations Said…

Great place to work and go to, you have to hear a bunch of rude customers constantly complain about everything from the self check-outs to items in-stock, even though it’s completely out of the employees’ hands, though. Love it when I see …More

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Fred Massie Said…

Everything at Loweshas gotten SUPER EXPENSIVE !!!!!! IT’S really hard to shop there anymore !!! At least in my tax bracket ! I only go there if I have to ! And usually , if you need help , there is Noone available, or even there , to assist !!!! Super disappointing !

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Mark Gordon Said…

Ok shopping experience, just Do Not fall for their credit deals. They have a company that handles their financing and they are schiesters. That’s where there making their money, pay cash.

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Debra Tuttle Said…

The employees were great. However… I’ll never buy anything that requires a subcontractor! They need to choose the companies they use a lot better. They are a direct reflection of Lowe’s as a corporation.

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