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Rocky Top Resources

Landscaping Services in your city

4.0/57 Reviews

Rocky Top Resources is a landscaping company which is located at 1755 E Las Vegas St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States. If you are looking for any services related to landscaping, you can contact us on anytime on the opening hours.


7 Reviews for Rocky Top Resources

NicoleW 0 Said…

Great for dumping tree branches & leaves. Saturday is $5 day. Bring canned food and dump for free. Great prices on flagstone and gravel. Excellent place to shop for landscaping material! Nicest employees ever!

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joe villalobos Said…

Outstanding people and great products. They are one of the smaller shops in town. But I will never go anywhere else. Why? Great people. I needed a bucket worth of rocks and was willing to pay top dollar for it. They told me “get what you …More

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Sumeet Gulati Said…

The city had a big storm and while many were gouging prices to dispose broken branches or trees, the guys at Rocky top were very reasonable and in my case took my poor fallen tree without charge. I appreciate these folks.

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Paul Duran Said…

Great place to take tree limbs and yard debris but it was only $20 a load and now $25 i know its only 5 more but I used to take 5 load $100 now its 4 I might find somewhere else because of this

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Paul Jensen II Said…

Got the job done. My bad for not reading ALL of the fine print. A couple of Fitzer bushes in my pickup costs you $25. I guess I didn’t plan for that much to recycle a coule bushes.

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Elwin Kline Said…

First time rock buyers beware – rocks will be much bigger than what you expect.

I ordered a full truckload of rocks form Rocky Top Resources at the advertised …More

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Andy Gonzales Said…

This place is usually great , but last experience I was shocked to find out the price increase was just about 50% increase from previous visits. I’m still going to go there but I’ll be very cautious about the way I load truck /trailer if they charging $30 instead of the old $20 I’ma pile it high !

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