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Turner’s Garden Center & Landscaping

Landscaping Services in your city

4.8/57 Reviews

Turner’s Garden Center & Landscaping is a landscaping company which is located at 4431 S Wagner Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, United States. If you are looking for any services related to landscaping, you can contact us on anytime on the opening hours.


7 Reviews for Turner’s Garden Center & Landscaping

Carolyn Rockafellow Said…

Friendly, knowledgeable sales people helped us. Purchased several healthy pink incrediball hydrangeas. They are beautiful and were at a good sale price too. Very pleased to have a few nurseries left in town like Turners and not have to …More

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Marsha Said…

Great variety of plants with decent prices. Would have liked to see more sizes and color options of planters with plates.

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Martin Walasek Said…

Ignore the road construction signs and keep driving to Turner’s. Once there embrace the care and beauty of the place. Their knowledge and care of the plants they sell excels above the rest. My wife and I bought over $300 of plants and three …More

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Chelsea Noble Said…

Turner’s plants are top quality. Last year’s perennials from them came back stronger than the big box store’s and the new additions are off to a strong start. My tulips that I bought here this fall put on quite a show this spring – lots of …More

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David R. Klubeck Said…

Rarely in today’s business environment, do you walk into a store, nursery or shop and feel like you’ve run into an old friend.
Turner’s Nursery makes you feel welcome, listens to your needs and offers …More

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M W Said…

Love this garden center, they even have bubbles for you to play with while shopping. The staff was friendly and helpful. Picked up some new perennials for my garden, butterfly weed, Black Eyed Susan’s, and delphiniums 🌱🌞🌻

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Christina Lirones Said…

I love Turner’s! Fresh air & sunlight & hundreds of garden plants. Indoor/outdoor racks & tables of tomatoes, basil, peppers, geraniums – every flower, tasty veggie, & savory herb you can think of! Outdoor sculpture garden plus rows of …More

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