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Walmart Supercenter

Landscaping Services in your city

1.7/57 Reviews

Walmart Supercenter is a landscaping company which is located at 100 Walmart Dr, North Versailles, PA 15137, United States. If you are looking for any services related to landscaping, you can contact us on anytime on the opening hours.


7 Reviews for Walmart Supercenter

Gregg Hunter Said…

I shop at this store on a daily basis and spend my hard earned money. For the Most part their is a few pleasant and polite workers. I always help this wreck of store, by picking up products that are on the floor and not in correct areas. …More

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JMB Said…

Probably one of the worst Walmart stores I have ever been to. Products on shelves thrown everywhere and that’s because of the customers not the employees. Cleanliness follows for the same reason.

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Michael Haynes Said…

I would say its was a fair experience. Had to get help twice to find item. Very understaff as far as help. One of the worst walmarts I have been in. Truly needs to improvement in my opinion. Not great. Not good. Just fair.

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HG Profit Said…

The cashiers move slow as molasses as if they don’t want to work. I waited in a line for an hr resulting in me being late to work And I only had a total of 10 items. My suggestion is get speedier cashiers who want to work.

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Randy Kovach Said…

Busy place. .. kinda confused why they didn’t go back to being open 24 hours. ..
Love how the ‘LAW ENFORCEMENT PARTNERS ‘ have their reserved space for parking. …More

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Sadie Jenner Said…

I often order in store pickup at my regular store. This time, I chose to order from this store because they had what I needed. I’ve never had an issue with any other store but this one. My order was supposed to be filled two days ago. It …More

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Kenny Said…

This place went down hill. I had to ring all of my stuff up at a small self check out. So my cart was half filled and I asked a worker could they open up a bigger self check out because I have no room. Her reply was we can’t leave here. And …More

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